Resume Writing Services

Your Resume & Our Goal for You

Within the professional workforce, change is a fact of life: employees come and go. This kind of flux can often bring with it opportunities for advancement. These opportunities can surface suddenly, sometimes so suddenly that even those close to the action can be caught by surprise. Especially at such times, one realizes that chance favors those who are prepared.

We at SmartWriteStudio highlight the importance of being prepared and emphasize the following advice:

Your Resume should always be current and ready for delivery.

Ask yourself:

If an employment opportunity becomes available today, is my Resume ready?

Then, if not, can it be ready within several days…or maybe within a week?

If you cannot submit your Resume in a timely fashion, then you can fall behind the curve while others jump forward ahead of you.

Resume…let’s try a real-world and practical definition:

…a summary document that presents one’s credentials and status relative to a specific position or type of work within a specific profession, submitted to a prospective employer toward the goal of securing an employment interview.

As straightforward as this definition might seem, the task of actually organizing and writing a Resume can be daunting. Entry-level and mid-career professionals often discover that they need help with their Resumes; but they don’t often know where to turn for this help. These are the very people who can benefit by partnering with SmartWriteStudio.

When you ask us to partner with you, we will work by your side all along the way. Through your Resume, we want you to make a positive and memorable first impression with prospective employers. We want you to be chosen and invited for an interview. So, when we begin our partnership, your Resume becomes our mutual goal, first and foremost.

The SmartWriteStudio Resume Process

At SmartWriteStudio, when we become a partner with you in your employment search, we do everything we can to help you make a favorable first impression with employers. Please consider the following strengths that we bring to the task, both of which will help you in putting your best foot forward:

SmartWriteStudio Strength: The Two-Writer Team

Firstly, we assign not one, but two writers to your Resume project:

a Lead Writer; and
a Supervising Writer.

You will have ongoing direct contact with your Lead Writer, who will start the process by interviewing you on topics such as your:

education and employment history;
training, certifications, and/or licensure; and
current employment goal.

Your Lead Writer will then compose the first draft of your Resume. From there, you and your Lead Writer will continue working together at intervals until you both agree on the final draft of your Resume.

During this entire process, the Supervising Writer will collaborate with your Lead Writer, offering feedback on matters such as document organization, proofreading the first and following drafts, and assuring that your documents are error-free and present you in the best possible light.

With these two skilled writers working together on your behalf, you can rest assured that the finished Resume we present to you will be exactly what you need.

SmartWriteStudio Strength: Your Resume Packet

Many employment candidates simply slap-dash a Resume together and distribute it wholesale, without any personal touch and often with errors; these are the candidates whose Resumes will be dismissed at first glance: the employer’s Human Resources staff will not be calling these candidates for an interview.

In marked contrast, with SmartWriteStudio as your partner, you will not operate in such a careless and unprofessional manner; instead, you will benefit from the SmartWriteStudio process, which emphasizes the broader Resume Packet. We encourage you to commit to and follow through with the Resume Packet, which includes the following documents and general approach:

Two-page Resume
One-page Cover Letter
One-page Follow-up Letter

Thank You Letter, if interviewed; or

Letter of Continuing Interest, if not interviewed

While the Resume is the most important document in the packet, and is presented in a “neutral voice,” the Cover Letter is from you personally, as if spoken in your voice. No Resume is complete without a cover letter. This point is so important, we believe it should be re-stated:

No Resume is complete without a cover letter.

The Cover Letter is a unique work sample in which you display your thorough approach and attention to detail. Of course the document must be perfect and error-free; but it also displays your knowledge of the company and its history, its website and mission, its range of operation, and specific products and/or services. Also, you will skillfully include a glimpse into who you are as a person…as one who is both worthy of an interview and of becoming a fellow employee. Despite the complexities that are inherent within the task of writing an effective Cover Letter, please remember that SmartWriteStudio is your partner, both in terms of how you develop your awareness of the employer and in how the letter is composed.

Whether you interview or not, and whether you receive an offer of employment or not, you should always send a Follow-up Letter. Such a letter displays grace and professional style; further, it can help the door stay open for the future, rather than let it shut prematurely. None of us know what the future holds; as such, you should manage the follow-up stage as another important step in the employment search process. At all times, keep the following behavioral qualities in mind: be courteous, respectful, gracious, and professional. And remember: you are not among the “slap-dash” candidates; instead, you are one who is deserving of an interview and worthy of employment.

The SmartWriteStudio Commitment to Professionalism

SmartWriteStudio is dedicated to serving the writing needs of professionals within any and all professions; and, because each professional must have a current Resume, that is where we begin our long-term writing relationship with career-oriented professionals. SmartWriteStudio will gladly partner with individuals in any professional field; but, during our opening years, we will actively reach out to the professional groups cited below:

Professional Educators (Teachers, School Counselors, Administrators, Related Services Personnel, Superintendents, etc.); and
Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, & Allied Health Professionals

As we build working relationships with professionals in various fields, we plan to offer broad writing services so as to address whatever needs might surface within companies and/or organizations. In this way, SmartWriteStudio can be regarded not as merely a source for Resume Writing Services, but also as a source for any writing service that can be of assistance to broader professional pursuits and endeavors. We hope to partner with you in these ways and look forward to hearing from you as your professional circumstances evolve.

Resume Writing Services: Fee Schedule

We have organized our Resume Writing Services, as listed and described below.


Resume Review $60.00

A multi-point review of a Resume that has been written previously by someone else and that you submit to us for critique and feedback. Your Lead Writer completes and provides you with a hard-copy feedback checklist. The Checklist includes brief comments about how to revise and/or improve the document.

Earn a Credit on Your Resume Order:

After we complete your Resume Review, if you then order a Resume from us within 90 days, you will receive a $60.00 credit on your Resume invoice.


Resume & Cover Letter $625.00

a cost-saving combination offer, consisting of:

  • one-page cover letter
  • two-page Resume


Resume $575.00
  • two-page Resume; no support documents


Cover Letter $86.00
  • one-page; no support documents


Follow-Up Letter $86.00
  • Personalized Thank You Letter

one page; especially useful if interviewed

  • Personalized Letter of Continuing Interest

one page; especially useful if not interviewed and/or not selected


Resume Update, with 20% Discount

This service is especially useful after you have acquired new skills or credentials and/or after you have spent some years with one employer and then changed jobs.

We value your client loyalty and repeat business. As such, we will discount the charge for your second Resume by 20%. At current pricing, that discount would amount to approximately $115.00.


Hourly Rate $86.00 per hour

If you need a writing service that is not listed above, please contact us. In addition to the services listed, we also are available to work with you at a rate of $86.00 per hour. When working at an hourly rate, SmartWriteStudio charges only for on-task hours that are attributed to the Lead Writer. Although the designated Supervising Writer will work closely with the Lead Writer and have considerable involvement in the client’s project, there is no additional charge for the involvement and participation of the Supervising Writer.