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Advertising & Putting Words to Work

With any advertising message, language is a huge variable in the success equation; and, in all advertising, whether the language is spoken or written, someone must first write the words.

The writers of SmartWriteStudio are trained and experienced in the words that work. As such, they are experts in getting the advertising message across.

Question: In your advertising firm, who does the writing?

If you’re fortunate, you have skilled and inventive writers on the payroll who can hit a home run with every message, every time. However, in many cases, advertising firms assign the task of writing to a person who has other duties on the creative team.

When any members on the creative team are asked to wear two or more hats, their project focus becomes blurred and their primary talent becomes diluted.

As a client-centered, full-service writing company, SmartWriteStudio can partner with you and provide the technical writers you need. Together, your advertising firm and our writers can pool creative and technical talents. Together, we can craft your client’s message so that the intended audience gets it, for certain and for real…without stumbling.

Thank you for reviewing our website! You are why SmartWriteStudio is here. Please think of us as “technical writers working for you.” We want you to succeed and thrive; toward that goal, we think you will find the following content of interest.

SmartWriteStudio: Technical Writers Second to None

As discussed elsewhere in this website, SmartWriteStudio incorporates the following two internal strengths that set it above all other options within the technical writing profession:

  • The Writer/Client Matching Process; and
  • The Two-Writer Project Model

These two strengths are of particular importance to an advertising firm, whose clients are eager to move forward without delay or complication. When SmartWriteStudio studio is on the project with its deep bench of writing talent and its writing duo of Lead Writer and Supervising Writer, no client will have to accept second-best. SmartWriteStudio will clearly be the best of all writing options available. Further, as good as freelance writers can be, no stand-alone freelancer has the kind of built-in back-ups, safeguards, and supports that SmartWriteStudio brings to all projects. With its cooperative studio organization, SmartWriteStudio is prepared to accept and resolve any challenges that surface during the project timetable.

Simply stated, with SmartWriteStudio working for and with you, you can proudly communicate to your clients that you have professional writers on your team. Further, you can emphasize that writers are selected for each given account based upon their knowledge, experience, and expertise. SmartWriteStudio works with you in that fashion, giving you a “deep bench” to help you keep a strong competitive edge in retaining valuable long-term clients while also recruiting new ones.

In summary, SmartWriteStudio is like no other technical writing company. Only SmartWriteStudio offers the two internal strengths cited above, i.e., strengths that enable SmartWriteStudio to claim a preeminent position in the technical writing profession.

SmartWriteStudio: Full-spectrum Multi-media Writers

As a successful entrepreneur and advertiser, you have asked the soul-searching questions about your company and its interactions with clients:

  • What is it about your advertising firm that attracts new clients?
  • What is it about your advertising firm that causes some prospective clients to take their business elsewhere?
  • Why do some of your clients return to you with repeat business?
  • Why do some of your clients take their continuing business elsewhere?

No advertising firm can be all things to all clients; however, a progressive advertising firm will attempt to answer the questions cited above. Then, beyond the answers, the firm will embark on whatever competencies necessary so as to gain improved market share.

No one client wants or needs advertising in all of the following media. Nor do most advertising firms produce work using all of these media. However, collectively, the writers at SmartWriteStudio can offer and generate full-spectrum, multi-media language and content; as such, they are able to produce content and text for all the media forms cited below:

Traditional Advertising Media:

  • Television (video)
  • Radio
  • Written hardcopy (magazines, newspapers, tri-folds, mail solicitation, etc.)
  • Informative product-related articles in trade journals
  • Highway billboard advertising

Electronic Advertising Strategies:

  • Website design & development
  • Email marketing, sent to a broad client base
  • Blog entries, sent to a broad client base
  • Social media, sent to a broad client base
  • Video Production, including You Tube Videos

If your advertising firm needs to move into any of the media options cited above, SmartWriteStudio can be of assistance to you. By expanding the media in which you work, you should be able to appeal to more prospective clients and gain improved market share.

Collectively, the writers at SmartWriteStudio have experience and expertise across all media types. As such, whatever medium or media you have selected for use in an advertising campaign, the writers at SmartWriteStudio can and will produce the full-spectrum, multi-media language and content that your clients expect.

SmartWriteStudio wants your advertising firm to work and thrive. SmartWriteStudio wants you to grow and increase in market share. SmartWriteStudio wants to partner with you and to participate in your success. Our writers can work with you and your creative team in any of the media cited above. For us, the words matter and the advertising message matters. Your success and ours hinges upon your clients’ degree of satisfaction, with both the finished advertising product and the financial marketing outcomes. We are grateful to you for reviewing our website. We hope further that you will contact us and that we will partner together in the exciting endeavors that you have underway.

Fee Schedule for Writing Services

Writing services are available to Advertising Firms at the rate of $86.00 per hour.

In processing a client’s invoice, SmartWriteStudio charges only for on-task hours that are attributed to the Lead Writer. Although the designated Supervising Writer will work closely with the Lead Writer and have considerable involvement in the client’s project, there is no additional charge for the involvement and participation of the Supervising Writer.